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NESTICT INFOTECH is a competent entity which offers equal opportunity to all applicants regardless of their skin, race or tribe or any discriminating factor. All the recruitment process shall base on the following
1. Internal Memo2. External/ Mass RecruitmentAll open job opportunities shall be accessed through the following platforms Compan’s website Local newspaper advert Mass-media (radio-Tv advert) Partner with recruiting agencies to post vacancies on our behalf


As a starter company we shall partner with Human Resource and Recruiting Agencies to train our staff so that they meet world competent standards. As the company advances we employ our own trainers and human resource personnel for the same
Skill retention strategiesIn order to keep a competitive environment that will enhance and retain our employees’ skills, the following skills shall be deployed;1. Investing in employees’ professional development2. Establishing clear-cut expectations and policies3. Offering a benefits package that is truly beneficial4. Creating a culture of open communication5. Mnot overburdening employees6. Provide employees with meaningful work7. Understanding why employees stay


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Table of Contents