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Per school hosting packages
Primary schools
1. Starter 3,500 per year
. Host upto 500 students between PP1 to Grade IV
. No internet bundle included
. No live stream
Unlimited access to files notes and other relevant resources updated daily
2. Upper 10, 000 per year
. Host upto 1000 students between class 5 to Seven
. No data bundle package
. Unlimited access to the files, notes and other relevant resources
. No live stream
3. Starter max 35,000 per year,
. All starter packages unlocked
. Unlimited pupils
. Weekly data bundle package
4. Upper Max 70, 000 per year
. All upper package unlocked
. Unlimited pupils
. Weekly data bundle package

Secondary Schools
1. Basic 80, 000 per year
. Unlimited students from form 1-4
. Unlimited revision content access.
. No videos presentations
. No data bundle package
2. Advance 150,000 per year
. All basic package unlocked
. Live questions and answers between students and freelancer teachers on our portal

1. School portfolio
2. Portal Manager account
3. Full payments for basic packages
3. 70% payments for advanced packages
4. GDPR Officer
5. School PTA authorization letter since some students fall below our minimum age requirement (14 years)

Portal live url :

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Table of Contents